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If You Give a Cluck, Go Vegan! - Dr. Karen Davis on Veganpalooza

In this edition...

  10 non-dairy foods that are full of calcium
  Ten healthy one-liners from Dr. McDougall
  Top vegan and vegetarian protein sources
  The cost of eating healthily

Environment and World Hunger
  The day the earth ran out
  Existing cropland could feed four billion more by dropping biofuels and animal feed
  Bringing back the night: A fight against light pollution
  Foodies eat lab-grown burger that could change the world

Lifestyles and Trends
  Bill Clinton dishes on vegan diet
  4-year-old baking star's mom has tips on how to get kids in the kitchen
  Sign of the times: Luxury resto goes vegan
  The next generation of vegan bodybuilders
  Even carnivores are putting more fake meat on their plates
  Q&A with a vegan who chewed up a grueling 2,660-mile hike

Animal Issues and Advocacy
  These little piggies went to market and nearly died for a drop of water
  Would you still eat a pig if you knew it was as smart as your dog?
  If we want to help animals...
  Boy lost in the Australian bush says he was saved by a friendly kangaroo
  10 fascinating facts about chickens
  How fresh do you want your sausages? Brazilian prank says a lot about denial

Books and Perspectives
  Teaching kids to be vegan
  CAFO the book - video trailer
  The green movement's meat dilemma

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(Excerpts are included from current news stories. Click on the "Full story" link to read the full article.)

10 non-dairy foods that are full of calcium
Full story: Care2

"How do you manage for calcium with no milk products?" asked several of my friends when I was following a three week vegan cleansing diet. The question surprised me. I have never liked milk, don't digest it well, and didn't miss drinking it at all during my vegan phase. That doesn't mean I have to ingest a large calcium supplement the size of a horse pill in order to take in enough calcium. There are plenty of milk-free ways to get adequate calcium in your diet. You probably think of Chinese cabbage, collard greens, maybe almonds, in terms of non-dairy sources of calcium, but there are many more. Here are just 10, for starters [make that 8 without the fish]...   Read more...

Care2 - July 31

Ten healthy one-liners from Dr. McDougall
Full story: The McDougall Newsletter

We live in a world of witty one-liners and sound bites, which I find useful for conveying my dietary messages. To provoke thoughtful and entertaining discussions, start a conversation with old friends and new acquaintances by asking, "Did you know..."   Read more...

The McDougall Newsletter - July

Top vegan and vegetarian protein sources
Full story: ABC News, U.S.

Proteins are known as the building blocks of life: In the body, they break down into amino acids that promote cell growth and repair. (They also take longer to digest than carbohydrates, helping you feel fuller for longer and on fewer calories - a plus for anyone trying to lose weight.) Here are good vegetarian and vegan sources (including leafy greens!), and tips on how to add them to your diet today.   Read more...

ABC News, U.S. - August 12

The cost of eating healthily
Full story: Radar News, Australia

Recent studies have evaluated the cost of maintaining a healthy diet and confirm what many suspected - that healthier diets do indeed cost more than diets full of junky snacks and processed foods. A casual stroll through the supermarket will prove that an enormous block of chocolate will cost you less than a piece of watermelon. However, healthy changes can be made without breaking the budget if you're clever and careful at the supermarket... Eating vegetarian two or three nights a week - think vegetable lasagna, stir-fries and vegetarian pizza, will save twenty to thirty dollars a week and please the whole family!   Read more...

Radar News, Australia - August 26

More Health News:
Ending the 'veganism is expensive' argument: Four easy steps
Veggieboards (July 24)
Comprehensive review of soy by Jack Norris, RD
Eating raw garlic may reduce lung cancer risk
Vancouver Sun (August 12)

  Environment and World Hunger    

The day the earth ran out
Full story: Foreign Affairs

Many readers will be familiar with the worrisome, white-knuckle wait that comes when you drain your checking account long before payday, the anxiety that builds until the coffers are replenished. That is what all of humanity has signed on for. Earth Overshoot Day marks the moment when, according to Global Footprint Network, an independent think tank based in the United States, Switzerland, and Belgium, humanity's demand for natural resources exceeds the earth's ability to renew them in a year. As of today [August 20], just 34 weeks into 2013, we are officially in ecological overdraft.   Read more...

Foreign Affairs - August 20

Existing cropland could feed four billion more by dropping biofuels and animal feed
Full story: Science Daily

The world's croplands could feed 4 billion more people than they do now just by shifting from producing animal feed and biofuels to producing exclusively food for human consumption, according to new research from the Institute on the Environment at the University of Minnesota. "We essentially have uncovered an astoundingly abundant supply of food for a hungry world, hidden in plain sight in the farmlands we already cultivate," says graduate research assistant Emily Cassidy, lead author of the paper. Meat takes a particularly big toll on food security because it takes up to 30 crop calories to produce a single calorie of meat. Only 12 per cent of crop calories used for animal feed end up as calories consumed by humans.   Read more...

Science Daily - August 1

Bringing back the night: A fight against light pollution
Full story: Environment 360, Yale University

Until recently, efforts to restrain our use of light have been primarily in response to the astronomical light pollution erasing starry nights. But researchers are increasingly focusing on the impacts of so-called ecological light pollution, warning that disrupting these natural patterns of light and dark, and thus the structures and functions of ecosystems, is having profound impacts. The problem is worsening as China, India, Brazil, and numerous other countries are becoming increasingly affluent and urbanized. Every flip of a light switch contributes to altering ancient patterns of mating, migration, feeding, and pollination, with no time for species to adapt. Experts say it is far more important to use light effectively than abundantly.   Read more...

Environment 360, Yale University - August 19

Foodies eat lab-grown burger that could change the world
Full story: Mongabay

August 5 at a press event in London, two food writers took a bite into the world's most unusual hamburger. Grown meticulously from cow stem cells, the hamburger patty represents the dream (or pipedream) of many animal rights activists and environmentalists. The burger was developed by Physiologist Mark Post of Maastricht University and funded by Google co-founder Sergey Brin in an effort to create real meat without the corresponding environmental toll.   Read more...

Mongabay - August 6

More Environment and World Hunger News:
First taste of test-tube burger declared 'close to meat'
Reuters (August 5)
In Paraguay, the spread of GM soy strikes fear in hearts of rural farmers
TIme (August 9)

  Lifestyles and Trends    

Bill Clinton dishes on vegan diet
Full story: Politico

After three years on a vegan diet, former President Bill Clinton says he doesn't crave steak. But cutting back on bread has been tough. "Heavily processed carbs, you really have to control that," Clinton told AARP in a recent interview about his eating habits. The former president, now 66, went on a strict diet after a health scare in 2010. "I just decided that I was the high-risk person [for heart problems], and I didn't want to fool with this anymore. And I wanted to live to be a grandfather," Clinton said. "So I decided to pick the diet that I thought would maximize my chances of long-term survival... The main thing that was hard for me actually - much harder than giving up meat, turkey, chicken and fish - was giving up yogurt and hard cheese," the former president said. "I love that stuff, but it really made a big difference when I did it.""   Read more...

Politico - July 31

4-year-old baking star's mom has tips on how to get kids in the kitchen
Full story: Today

Petey Rojas has enjoyed baking since he was 2 years old - way before he was a YouTube star. One of the first dishes he made with his mother was vegan pumpkin chocolate chip cupcakes. When she saw how much fun her son was having, Jill Fehrenbacher thought it might translate into a great video for her website, Inhabitat. A video of Petey baking vegan red velvet cupcakes for Valentine's Day back in February went viral, catching the eye of mommy bloggers and the food world. We asked [his mother] Fehrenbacher to give us her tips on getting kids' hands dirty in the kitchen and she shared a mouthful...   Read more...

Today - July 8

Sign of the times: Luxury resto goes vegan
Full story: Denver Post

It wasn't long ago that the place where vegan and restaurant dining met was called Boring Salad. Sometimes, too, they would get together at Dull Pasta. Conversations were stilted. The chefs sighed upon the arrival of the vegan, the vegans could not wait to go home and make some real food. I am happy to report the two are on the mend. They are especially friendly, maybe even dating, at Jill's Restaurant (900 Walnut St., 720-406-7399, in Boulder's St. Julien Hotel on Friday afternoons. That's when the restaurant's normal "Tuscan Table" lunch buffet serves 100 per cent vegan fare. "We don't want just want a pasta salad and some tofu - we don't need to have that," said Laurent Mechin, the hotel's culinary director. "I like flavor. I worked in the south of France where, yes, there is a lot of seafood, but a lot of the diet is plant-based."   Read more...

Denver Post - August 21

The next generation of vegan bodybuilders
Full story: VegNews

In a sport that is usually associated with meat-eater muscle mass, vegan bodybuilders are using their ethical outlook to get an edge over their opponents. From the Naturally Fit Super Show in Austin to Muscle Mania in Miami, these plant-based powerhouses are sweeping the competition and shattering the protein myth, proving that you can get ripped and chiseled without eating animal products. We talked to six iron-pumping athletes about their favorite training foods, what inspired them to eat cruelty-free, and what it takes to get to the top of the bodybuilding game.   Read more...

VegNews - August 27

Even carnivores are putting more fake meat on their plates
Full story: NPR

From Bill Gates to Google's Sergei Brin, influential investors are putting their money where their mouth is. The pet cause of the tech world, it seems, is the need to find good-tasting substitutes to conventional animal products, like chicken-less eggs or in vitro beef, to avert environmental crisis from rising consumption. According to new research, consumers - and not just vegetarians - are also warming up to products like tempeh, tofu and seitan that can stand in for meat. In [recent] survey by the market research firm Mintel, 36 per cent of U.S. consumers said they buy meat substitutes - even though only 7 per cent identified themselves as vegetarian.   Read more...

NPR - August 15

Q&A with a vegan who chewed up a grueling 2,660-mile hike
Full story: LA Times

A vegan diet: That's what Santa Monica College track coach Joshua Garrett credits for helping him traverse the famed [U.S.] Pacific Crest Trail and possibly setting a record doing it. The rugged 2,650-mile trail runs from the border of Mexico to Canada, crossing some of the most scenic wilderness in the world. It's a once-in-a-lifetime accomplishment for hikers, many of whom cover the distance in chunks over the course of several years. And then there are endurance athletes such as Garrett, 30, of Pacific Palisades, who tackled it all at once. Garrett credits his vegan diet for helping him quickly recover as he averaged nearly 45 miles a day [believed to be the fastest time ever]. The hike also served as a fundraiser for Garrett, who works with Mercy for Animals. We asked Garrett about his endurance adventure and his diet...   Read more...

LA Times - August 20

More Lifestyles and Trends News:
Veggie experiences: Fish tank turned me into a veggie
Ipswich Advertiser, Australia (August 25)
Cats and dogs on vegan diets
The Australian (August 10)

  Animal Issues and Advocacy    

These little piggies went to market and nearly died for a drop of water
Full story: EatKind Blog

I really wasn't expecting to be so moved - and enraged - when I clicked "play" on this video from Canadians for the Ethical Treatment of Food Animals. Please watch it. It's not the least bit gory. What it is is a glimpse behind the curtain that separates us from animals no different from us in the simplest of ways, like being laid flat by a heat wave and dying for a drop of water. Except these animals - pigs en route to slaughter during a heat wave - commonly suffer with no relief. At least they got some frantic intervention in this heartbreaking video from a group called Toronto Pig Save. [Things are no better in other countries.]   Read more...

EatKind Blog -
Some animal transportation links:

Plus here is another excellent blog from the Ethical Eating Blog of Syd Baumel of EatKind concerning the abolitionist-welfare dispute and the live export of animals in Australia.

Would you still eat a pig if you knew it was as smart as your dog?
Full story: Yahoo! News

There's extensive evidence that pigs are as smart and sociable as dogs. Yet one species is afforded affection and respect; the other faces mass slaughter. "When you ask people why they eat chickens but not cats, the only thing they can come up with is that they sense cats and dogs are more cognitively sophisticated that then species we eat - and we know this isn't true," said Bruce Friedrich of Farm Sanctuary, the organization that is coordinating a campaign called The Someone Project that aims to highlight research depicting pigs, chickens, cows and other farm animals as more intelligent and emotionally complex than commonly believed. "What it boils down to is people don't know farm animals the way they know dogs or cats," Friedrich said.   Read more...

Yahoo! News - July 29

If we want to help animals...
Full story: Vegan Outreach Blog

If we want to help animals, there is just one thing we need to do: Convince those whose choices are currently hurting animals to make more compassionate choices. Everyone can alter their choices in ways that will help animals. The key to getting people to do so is to make it easier for them to do so. That is: the less people have to change, the more people will change.   Read more...

Vegan Outreach Blog - August 1

Boy lost in the Australian bush says he was saved by a friendly kangaroo
Full story: Treehugger

While picnicking with his parents along South Australia's rugged Fleurieu Peninsula, 7-year-old Simon Kruger wandered into the bush to pick flowers for his mother. It wasn't long, however, before the youngster became too turned-around to find his way back. According to Simon, in the midst of his wayward wanderings he was approached by a kangaroo, to which he fed the bouquet of wildflowers he had been collecting earlier. Eventually, the animal laid down and fell asleep next to him - offering a bit of comfort and body-heat to the distraught child. It may be impossible to say if the kangaroo was displaying rare altruism - but it wouldn't be the first time a kangaroo has stepped-in to help a human.   Read more...

Treehugger - August 5

10 fascinating facts about chickens
Full story: Care2

In the United States alone, more than 8.5 billion chickens are killed every year. That's 272 every second! Every single one of those chickens is a unique individual that has so much more to offer the world than ending up on someone's dinner plate. Check out these incredible and fascinating facts about chickens... For example - Even when an object is taken away from them and hidden, chickens are able to comprehend that it still exists. Not many animals have the ability to do this, and neither do young human children...  Read more...

Care2 - August 12

How fresh do you want your sausages? Brazilian prank says a lot about denial
Full story: YouTube

You don't need to understand the language to understand just how much people don't want to know where their meat comes from.   Watch video...

YouTube - Archives

More Animal Issues and Advocacy News:
Chickens: Smarter than a four-year-old
New York Daily News (August 16)
Cute animal videos on YouTube are killing cute animals
Includes video and petition link - Care2 (August 13)
Can we stop labeling animal activists as terrorists?
Care2 (August 15)
Animal Justice Canada launches online law library
Animal Justice (July 29)
India bans hunting sharks for their fins
Big Pond News, Australia (August 26)

  Books and Perspectives    

Teaching kids to be vegan
Full story: Care2

Ruby Roth is on a mission to introduce 3-7 years old to the 'ABCs' of a compassionate lifestyle. V Is for Vegan: The ABC's of Being Kind, addresses veggie issues in a fun and lighthearted way. Explaining sensitive animal issues to children is always difficult, but Ruby has such a wonderful way with words that broaching the fundamental ideas behind veganism and how we treat animals is much easier. We asked her to spill the beans on the latest addition to her portfolio, and here's what she had to say...   Read more...

Care2 - July 31

CAFO the book - video trailer
Full Story: Institute for Ethics & Emerging Technologies

The CAFO Reader: The Tragedy of Industrial Animal Factories
provides an unprecedented view of concentrated animal feeding operations-aka CAFOs-where increasing amounts of the world's meat, milk, eggs, and seafood are produced. The CAFO Reader, 400 pages, by Daniel Imhoff, was published in 2010. [Article includes details on factory farming and its animal welfare and environmental impact.]   Read more/Watch video...

Institute for Ethics & Emerging Technologies - July 26

The green movement's meat dilemma
Full story: ENN

In This Is Hope: Green Vegans and the New Human Ecology, author Will Anderson, founder of, lays out the hard numbers: 67 billion farm animals used to produce meat; 700 million people worldwide depending on farmed animals for much of their income; 1.5 planets' worth of resources being used by humankind. He notes that "carnism" underlies an unsustainable reality that has led to exploiting land, polluting water and generating massive emissions and takes direct aim at celebrated food writer Michael Pollan whose book The Omnivore's Dilemma Anderson argues does not go nearly far enough in identifying necessary changes.   Read more...

ENN - March 1

Quick notes on more books:
Mind If I Order the Cheeseburger?: And Other Questions People Ask Vegans
Thoughtful and funny answers to common questions vegans hear by Sherry F. Colb.
The Ultimate Betrayal : Is There Happy Meat?
Peer-reviewed research, worker and rescuer testimony, and encounters with the farmed animals themselves by Hope Bohanec.

Also of interest:


World Week for the Abolition of Meat - September 21-29
The World Weeks for the Abolition of Meat (WWAMs) are intended as a means of promoting a political debate around the idea of abolishing the production and consumption of the flesh of sentient beings. Check out more info, list or find an event at the link below.
World Weeks for the Abolition of Meat (WWAMs)

Vegan Festival of India - September 27-30
International event from the Indian Vegan Society...
Vegan Festival of India

IVU World VegFest - Kuala Lumpur & Penang, Malaysia, October 3-9
Coupled with the 6th Asian Vegetarian Congress, the 41st IVU World VegFest will be better than ever...
IVU World VegFest

VegSource Healthy Lifestyle Expo 2013 - October 18-20, CA
Featuring icons in the plant-powered lifestyle world T. Colin Campbell, Phd, and Caldwell Esselstyn, MD, in addition to an impressive array of other presenters. This year the expo is giving away two unique written programs to take away.
Healthy Lifestyle Expo

Farm Sanctuary's Celebration for the Turkeys - November 2, Orland, California, November 9, Acton, California (Los Angeles area), November 16, Watkins Glen, New York
Click below for more info. Also check out the Walk/Sleep-in for Farm Animals (through November).
Farm Sanctuary
Farm Sanctuary Sleepin for Farm Animals

Websites and Blogs:

Did you watch one of Emily Moran Barwick's amusing vegan education videos yet? Emily wants to reach non-vegans and vegans alike with her humorous delivery, but hard-hitting facts. Watch her welcome video below from her Bite Size Vegan website or click on the YouTube link for all the Bite Size Vegan nuggets.

Bite Size Vegan videos on YouTube

A wealth of resources for compassionate eating...

What kind of farm animal are you most like? Take this fun Humane Society International quiz... (Yours truly is a playful pig - no comments please!)
What type of farm animal are you?

Anti-horse slaughter billboard campaign...

With Hope They Waited: The Mile 26 Rescue is the book written by Marilyn Dickie because she was so moved by the efforts of those involved in the rescue of 64 dogs during a fire in northern Ontario. The inspiring book includes true stories from the rescuers, rescues and adoptive families, poems and photos of the rescue. 100 per cent of proceeds from the sale of the book go to the rescues. Watch the moving video about the book...

Email to order book

Read more wonderful rescue stories from Animal Advocates...
Animal Advocates Society

More Tidbits:

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