October 2010
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Editor's Note
  Of pets and pigs - animal sentience disconnect

  Wolf Blitzer interviews Clinton's doctors on the healthy way to his dramatic weight loss
  More fruits and vegetables, less meat improve memory
  The high cost of cheap meat
  GM soy linked to birth defects, cancer

  Scientists warn of livestock greenhouse gas boom
  Food is politics: The implications of what we eat
  'Food empires creating agricultural crisis'

Lifestyles and Trends
  Meatless menus are all the rage
  Town goes plant-strong
  British Parliament to go meat free?
  Is it cheaper to be vegan, vegetarian, or a meat eater?

Animal Issues and Advocacy
  With bullet holes on their head, horse-lovers demonstrate across Canada
  Sea Shepherd's Paul Watson: 'You don't watch whales die and hold signs and do nothing'
  China: Woman saves 12 dogs from the dinner table but others not so lucky
  What will future generations condemn us for?

Books and Perspectives
  Review of 'The Vegetarian Myth'
  Interview with Karen Dawn

Are They Serious? Unfortunately Yes
  More women take aim at hunting
  In climate denial, again

Of Note - Recipes, Videos, Blogs, Calls to Action
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  Editor's Note    

Of pets and pigs - animal sentience disconnect
I recently received an email message with endearing photos of an orangutan and dog that have become fast friends. Perhaps you saw it too The email, somewhat embellishing the true story, related:

"After losing his parents, this 3-year-old orangutan was so depressed he wouldn't eat. The veterinarians thought he would surely die from sadness. The zoo keepers found an old sick dog on the grounds and the 2 lost souls have been inseparable ever since. The orangutan found a new reason to live and each always tries his best to be a good companion to his new-found friend."

Very touching. I am struck, however, by the fact that very likely the message sender, along with most of its readers, see no inconsistency in believing orangutans and dogs have such emotions, while cows, pigs, and chickens do not. Even if that were true, as philosopher Jeremy Bentham wrote in 1789, "The question is not, Can they reason? nor, Can they talk? but, Can they suffer?"

[Original Daily Mail, UK article and and video.]


Wolf Blitzer interviews Clinton's doctors on the healthy way to his dramatic weight loss
Full story: CNN

  Read more...

CNN - September 24

More fruits and vegetables, less meat improve memory
Full story: Men's News Daily

A diet rich in fruits and vegetables, and low in meat and other animal products, has been shown to significantly reduce the risk of those top two killers, cardiovascular disease and cancer. Now, a newly published public health study, from Norway, suggests eating your fruits and veggies may also be good for your brain as well. In this study, which appears in the current issue of the British Journal of Nutrition, 2,013 research volunteers between the ages of 70 and 74 underwent extensive cognitive testing and evaluation of their dietary habits. Overall, memory and other higher cognitive functions were significantly improved among those patient volunteers who consumed the most fruits, vegetables, whole grain products, and mushrooms. Further study of dietary preferences revealed that cruciferous vegetables, carrots, citrus fruits, and whole-grain breads were the foods most closely associated with improved cognitive function.   Read more...

Men's News Daily - September 26

The high cost of cheap meat
Full story: Los Angeles Times

If you adjust for inflation and income, Americans have never spent less on food than they have in recent years. And yet many feel we've also never paid such a high price. U.S. Department of Agriculture figures show the average American spent just 9.5 per cent of his or her disposable income on food last year, a lower percentage than in any country in the world. The majority of this cheap protein is delivered by "factory farms" that house thousands of animals in confinement. Critics say the consolidation of food production has led to environmental damage, the loss of millions of small independent farms, rising health care expenditures and billions in tax-funded subsidies to produce cheap animal feed... "It's strange, in this country we are crazy about quality control for our kids' toys, bedding, car seats ... but then we will go out and buy the cheapest food we can find. This is what we put in our mouth, what we feed our children. Why aren't we regulating it better and why is cheap such an important factor?"   Read more...

Los Angeles Times - September 24

GM soy linked to birth defects, cancer
Full story: Australian Food News

Monsanto's herbicide Roundup used on genetically manipulated (GM) Roundup Ready crops is linked to human cell death, birth defects, cancer and miscarriages, says a report released at the European Parliament by an international group of scientists. The report, "GM Soy: Sustainable? Responsible?," highlights new research by Argentine government scientist Professor Andrés Carrasco and an international coalition of scientists. They found serious health impacts from Roundup's active ingredient, glyphosate, other chemicals in the formulated herbicide and its breakdown products. The report also provides a global overview of scientific papers and other documents on the impacts of GM soy production. [Bottom line: As long as governments allow GM products to go unlabelled as such, buy organic tofu and other soy products!].   Read more...

Australian Food News - October 6

More Health News:
Vegan Outreach comments on Bill Clinton diet news
So yes, it is clear that the health argument has an impact on rich, powerful men with vegan daughters, personal chefs, and nearly-fatal heart problems... (September 23)
Sweet news, chocolate may be good for the heart
People who ate chocolate more than five times a week were 57 per cent less likely to have coronary heart disease than those who never ate it, according to the study of almost 5000 Americans. - Sydney Morning Herald, Australia (September 22)
Soy decreases risk of breast cancer recurrence
Women consuming the most soy products (soy milk, tofu, edamame) have a lower risk of breast cancer recurrence, according to a new study published in the "Canadian Medical Association Journal". - PCRM (October 18)
From the archives:
A posthumous interview by Tim Russert with Dr. John McDougall
Dr. McDougall (2008)
An invitation for Bill Clinton to attend the McDougall program
Dr. McDougall (February, 2010)


Scientists warn of livestock greenhouse gas boom
Full story: SciDev, UK

Soaring international production of livestock could release enough carbon into the atmosphere by 2050 to single-handedly exceed 'safe' levels of climate change, says a study. Scientists found that the livestock sector's emissions alone could send temperatures above the 2 degrees Celsius rise commonly said to be the threshold above which climate change could be destabilising. Researchers at Dalhousie University, Canada - whose work was published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences - called on governments to prioritise the reining in of the livestock sector, adding that "mobilising the necessary political will to implement such policies is a daunting but necessary prospect." They also suggested "across the board" reduction in per capita consumption of livestock products [particularly in developed countries]. "Curbing growth in developing countries, where the majority of increase in production is projected to occur, will also be critical," the scientists wrote, adding that moves must be "sensitive to the developmental status and aspirations of the less advantaged."   Read more...

SciDev, UK - October 5

Food is politics: The implications of what we eat
Full story: FrogBlog, NZ

[By Gareth Hughes, NZ member of Parliament for the Green Party.] I've been a vegetarian for ten years now, and I've come to the realisation that what you put in your mouth is political. Food is politics. Why I turned vege and still am one is for environmental reasons. As the Vegetarian Society points out, there are some 800 million people in the world with barely enough to eat, yet 80% of the world's agricultural land is used for feeding animals and only 20% for feeding humans directly. When I was young I was told not to waste food because they were starving in Ethiopia. I wasn't aware though, that during their huge famine while millions starved the nation still exported crops for feeding European livestock. Meat is inefficient and uses more energy, oil, water than grains or beans... There used to be plenty of fish in the sea but world-wide fisheries are collapsing at an alarming rate. Where did all the fish go? We ate them... The way your food is caught, raised and killed is largely up to you. What you eat is political. Even if you don't want to go vege you can still make a difference to the world by cutting back on your meat consumption and buying organic, local and free range whenever possible.   Read more...

FrogBlog, NZ - October 12

'Food empires creating agricultural crisis'
Full story: IPS

Forget speculators, forget biofuel farmers. The real cause behind the permanent food and agricultural crisis is the imperial food regime, squeezing money out of agriculture, a Dutch professor says. Last month, the Food and Agriculture Organisation [concluded] "Global cereal demand and production still appears in balance, and there is no indication of an impending world food crisis." "Lazy thinking," says Jan-Douwe van der Ploeg, professor of rural sociology in the Netherlands. "Almost one billion people are hungry and another one billion are chronically malnourished, while one billion others are obese. Isn't this a food crisis?" Behind the food crisis we face a severe agrarian crisis, he says. "For consumers prices keep rising, but for farmers, prices are too low to earn back their investments." Where does the difference go to? "To food empires," Van der Ploeg says. "The market is more and more dominated by industrial trade conglomerates governing production, processing, distribution and consumption of food."   Read more...

IPS - October 18

More Environmental News:
Global catastrophe or sustainable future? It will largely depend on our food choices!
By Richard H. Schwartz, President Jewish Vegetarians of North American - "Vegetarian Voice" cover story (late summer/early fall edition)
Good summary of recent reports connecting diet and climate change
Meat Free Cop 16 organization - see letter to delegates signup in the "of note" section
Veg Climate Alliance
This alliance of various vegetarian and environmental groups will present a declaration at Cop 16

  Lifestyles and Trends    

Meatless menus are all the rage
Full story: Globe and Mail, Canada

[There's] a subtle but significant culinary shift. Fresh, high-quality produce is edging meats to the side, as a small but growing number of chefs are curbing the use of animal protein and bringing vegetables to the fore. Neil Ingram, a partner at Vancouver's Boneta restaurant attributes the shift partly to U.S. food activist Michael Pollan's famous mantra: "Eat Food. Not too much. Mostly plants." At L.A.B. restaurant in Toronto, co-chef Chris Scott says meat-eaters are gravitating toward the restaurant's vegan and vegetarian dishes, which outnumber the meat options. The meat-vegetable role reversal is even more pronounced in certain culinary circles in the U.S. The famously pork-loving chef Mario Batali made headlines this year when he began offering vegetarian dishes at his restaurants. Meanwhile, Toronto native Gail Simmons, a regular judge on Bravo TV's Top Chef series, named vegetables as the latest trend in an interview this month with food website Eater.   Read more...

Globe and Mail, Canada - October 26

Town goes plant-strong
Full story: vegsource.com

[Recently] EarthSave board member Rip Esselstyn and EarthSave CEO Jeff Nelson traveled to the small rural town of Mercersburg, PA, to undertake a unique project. Rip had been invited by local Mercersburg physician, Liz George, MD, who was inspired by Rip's book, The Engine 2 Diet. In July, Dr. Liz, who is a Board member of the Tuscaroral Area Chamber of Commerce, had convinced several business leaders in her little town to join her in trying Rip's 28-Day plant-based Engine 2 Diet Challenge. The results were impressive, both in terms of weight loss, cholesterol-lowering as well as other biomarkers that indicate health improvement in the participants. So Dr. Liz decided to try to roll out the Engine 2 program into a wider portion of the local population. [About 5% of the population signed up and saw dramatic results as reported in a local newspaper article with weight loss, improved energy and lower cholesterol scores.]   Read more...

vegsource.com - September 21

British Parliament to go meat free?
Full story: TTKN News, UK

The Meat Free Monday campaign has been gaining more and more support and [recently] there was a very interesting development when [Member of Parliament] John Leech submitted a parliamentary motion calling for all catering authorities at the Houses of Parliament to go meat free every Monday. MP John Leech along with campaign supporters believes that Parliament should set an example by supporting Meat Free Mondays. He has called for MPs to acknowledge that current UN figures suggest that meat production is responsible for approximately 18% of global carbon emissions and something needs to be done in order to fight against climate change. A less meat-orientated diet would help promote this.   Read more...

TTKN News, UK - September 24

Is it cheaper to be vegan, vegetarian, or a meat eater?
Full story: MSN Good

Here's an interesting chart from LearnVest that breaks down the daily costs, in dollars and cents, of different diets: meat eaters, pescetarians, vegetarians, and vegans. According to their tallying, vegans have the least expensive diets, and meat eaters have the priciest, which certainly flies in the face of the arguments that vegetarianism is a choice limited to the hippie fringes and the bourgeoisie [and] that healthier, and more vegetarian diets necessarily cost more. [Based on the sample day, the vegan would save nearly $1,280 over the course of a year. That's $5,000 for a family of four.]   Read more...

MSN Good - October 21

More Lifestyles and Trends News:
Famed Las Vegas resort owner orders all his restaurants to offer vegan options
Check out some of the creative offerings at his twenty restaurants - Las Vegas City Life (August 12)
Vegans hungry for menu options
Herald-Sun, NC, U.S. (September 23)
Report on the recent international vegetarian congress
Jakarta Post (October 2)

More on the Meatless Monday campaign:
Meatless Monday Canada
Meatless Monday U.S.
Global "meat free" petition
Meatout Mondays - a terrific weekly recipe and info resource

  Animal Issues and Advocacy    

With bullet holes on their head, horse-lovers demonstrate across Canada
Full story: Toronto Star

Animal-rights protesters with fake bulletholes glued to their heads urged [the government] to stop permitting the slaughter of horses for human consumption. Horse lovers held several demonstrations across Canada, with about 20 of them surrounding a slaughterhouse outside Montreal. "The animals who come here are sick - they're usually ill from old age, they're usually ill from injuries, but they're also sick from things like cancer," said Cherie Collins, a former horse breeder. "I gotta tell you, there's been a lot of drugs going into a normal horse before we give up, so those drugs are in this meat." The protesters also argue that the horses aren't always slaughtered humanely. They pointed to videos released earlier this year by the Canadian Horse Defence Coalition, which they allege show horrific conditions inside [Canadian slaughterhouses]. A 2007 federal court ruling closed the last horse-processing plant in the U.S., which means the animals are now being sent to Mexico and Canada for slaughter.   Read more...

Toronto Star - October 4

Sea Shepherd's Paul Watson: 'You don't watch whales die and hold signs and do nothing'
Full story: Guardian, UK

Paul Watson doesn't care what you think. The captain of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society has been putting himself between whales and harpoon ships for more than 30 years... I began to think: Why are the Russians killing these whales? They were using sperm whales for spermacetti oil [used for] intercontinental ballistic missiles. So here we are destroying this incredibly beautiful, intelligent, magnificent creature for the purpose of making a weapon meant for the mass extermination of human beings. That's when it occurred to me that we as humans are insane. From that moment on I never did anything again for people - I did it for whales and other creatures of the sea... It takes from 10 to 45 minutes to kill a whale and they die in horrific agony. You don't walk down the street and see a child being molested and do nothing. And you don't go down there and watch whales die and hold signs and do nothing. [The full interview is highly recommended along with this short video in which Paul movingly explains "why I am an activist."]   Read more...

Guardian, UK - September 21

China: Woman saves 12 dogs from the dinner table but others not so lucky
Full story: Asia One

Twelve large dogs that were destined for the dinner table began new lives after a Beijing woman saved them. The 12 were among 60 dogs being transported in appalling conditions by dog dealers in the Inner Mongolia autonomous region. Despite the best efforts of Li Jiahui, the other 48 dogs in the group were not so lucky. Li, who is a vegetarian and who has a former stray dog as a pet, was in Inner Mongolia with friends when she encountered the dogs while driving on the Linhe section of the Beijing-Tibet expressway. "I saw a medium-sized truck running in front of my car carrying dozens of large dogs in a cage," Li said. "The cage was absolutely tiny and they were all piled up on top of each other, stepping on each others' bodies. I could tell some of the dogs were dying [photo at the link]." Li said she could see many of the dogs were wearing collars, suggesting they had been pets. The owner of the truck told her he was taking the dogs to a kennel where they would then be resold to nearby restaurants.   Read more...

Asia One - October 21

What will future generations condemn us for?
Full story: Washington Post

Once, pretty much everywhere, beating your wife and children was regarded as a father's duty, homosexuality was a hanging offense... And well into the 20th century, lynch mobs in this country stripped, tortured, hanged and burned human beings at picnics. Looking back at such horrors, it is easy to ask: What were people thinking? Yet, the chances are that our own descendants will ask the same question, with the same incomprehension, about some of our practices today. Here are four contenders for future moral condemnation... Industrial meat production. The arguments against the cruelty of factory farming have certainly been around a long time... Of the more than 90 million cattle in our country, at least 10 million at any time are packed into feedlots, saved from the inevitable diseases of overcrowding only by regular doses of antibiotics, surrounded by piles of their own feces, their nostrils filled with the smell of their own urine. Picture it -- and then imagine your grandchildren seeing that picture.   Read more...

Washington Post - September 26

More Animal Issues and Advocacy News: new
Island nation of Palau announces Ukraine-sized sanctuary for whales and dolphins
Mongabay.com (October 24) new
Interview with author Karen Dawn
New Zealand Public Radio (October 9) new
Interview with Jane Goodall
Video - Sixty Minutes, CBC, U.S. (October 24)

  Books and Perspectives    

Review of 'The Vegetarian Myth'
Full story: The vegan r.d.

Lierre Keith suffers from numerous chronic health problems. Unable to secure a diagnosis for most of them, she decided that the vegan diet she had followed for twenty years was to blame. But she wasn't content to add a few animal products back to her diet. Instead, she set out to prove that healthy diets require copious amounts of animal foods and that small-scale animal farming is the answer to sustainability. To prove it, she has cobbled together information from websites (yes, she actually cites Wikipedia!) and a few popular pseudoscientific books. It's next to impossible to review this book; it is so packed with misinformation and confusion that refuting the claims could be another book itself. This is a long post, and it doesn't begin to address all of the problems in The Vegetarian Myth.   Read more...

The vegan r.d. - September 21

Interview with Karen Dawn
Full story: The Scavenger, Australia

[Author of Thanking the Monkey: Rethinking the Way We Treat Animals, Karen Dawn took time out ahead of an Australian speaking tour to talk about how she went from experimenting on rats at an Australian university to becoming a celebrated and award-winning spokesperson for animal rights in the U.S.] I was experimenting on rats in college - feeling guilty about it, but trying not to think too much about it - you know how that is! Just like when many people bite into their hamburgers I would guess... The main aim was to create a book that activists could give to their friends, with their friends being delighted rather feeling put upon. My aim was to make sure that anybody who read that book, regardless of whether or not they chose to go vegan, would at least get over the idea that their vegan friends were wildly radical. And even if you don't finish the book, even if you just go through and look at all the cartoons, some important seeds are going to be planted. It is hard to measure impact, but I do get daily notes from people who tell me that it inspired them to change their lives and their diets.   Read more...

The Scavenger, Australia - October 5

Related/more book news: From the archives:
Spared from the dinner table
Delightful video with Karen Dawn and her two rescued turkeys. - ABC News (November 26, 2009)
Pieces of My Heart
By Jim Willis - author of the compelling essay "How Could You?"
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  Are They Serious? Unfortunately Yes    

More women take aim at hunting
Full story: Laconia Citizen, NY, U.S.

While the total number of hunters continues to be on the decline nationwide [in the U.S.], more women are taking up the sport. According to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, in 2006 (the latest year for which statistics are available) the number of hunters nationwide was 12.5 million, down from 19.1 million in 1975. The Service predicts that by 2025, the number will have dropped to 9.1 million. [Editor's note - that's like 3 per cent of the population - yet they have a lot of clout due to the National Rifle Association.] In 2006 Women made up about 9 per cent (or 1.2 million) of the 12.5 million hunters in the U.S., showing a slight increase over 2001. The report also noted that 304,000 girls ages 6 to 15 hunted from 2001 through 2006, a 50-per cent increase over the period 1991 through 1996.   Read more...

Laconia Citizen, NY, U.S. - September 12

In climate denial, again
Full story: New York Times

With one exception, none of the Republicans running for the [November 2 election for the U.S.] Senate - including the 20 or so with a serious chance of winning - accept the scientific consensus that humans are largely responsible for global warming. The candidates are not simply rejecting solutions, like putting a price on carbon, though these, too, are demonized. They are re-running the strategy of denial perfected by Mr. Cheney a decade ago, repudiating years of peer-reviewed findings about global warming and creating an alternative reality in which climate change is a hoax or conspiracy.   Read more...

New York Times - October 17
  Of Note - Recipes, Videos, Blogs, Calls to Action    

Healthy substitutes, vegetarian holiday ideas, Halloween tips, more
Do you want to make your old favorite recipes healthier? Check out the substitute list for meat, dairy and eggs from PCRM's Kickstart program. Triangle Vegetarian Society is once again hosting "the largest vegetarian thanksgiving party" in the U.S. and their menu is sure to inspire you. We've included links to healthy, delicious vegetarian holiday recipes (and info why you should avoid turkey) as well as Halloween tips from the Toronto Vegetarian Association. As always, be sure to check out VegE-News' recipe pages for our own tips for making the transition to a vegan diet - or staying on one, along with lots of recipes.

Ingredient substitutions chart (pdf)
TVS Thanksgiving menu
'Gentle Thanksgiving' recipes
Why no turkey
TVA Veggie Halloween: recipes, healthy treats and tips for parents
VegE-News recipes and tips

Need help offering vegan samples at an event?
VegFund.org will assist you in spreading the word about the joys of a plant based diet by helping fund the distribution of educational materials and vegan food at local events. What a great idea! VegFund invites everyone to join them in helping to change the world. Two of its founders, JC Corcoran and Rae Sikora offer workshops and other resources for a better, cruelty-free world through Plant Peace Daily. Check the website to see if they're speaking near you - or to organize a workshop. Lots of great resources there too!

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Video shorts
This month: A mockumentary narrated by Jeremy Irons on plastic bag pollution; cats at Big Cat Rescue Sanctuary have fun with pumpkins (note how much they are like our pet cats - piglets play just like puppies & kittens too); a delightful new music video with a catchy tune from whyohwhy.org; an excerpt from Jeff Novick's new Fast Food DVD - a week for a family of four; a new CPR technique - six minutes that could save your life or someone else's; Caboodle Ranch cat sanctuary.
The Majestic Plastic Bag
Pumpkins & Cats
Why Must We Eat The Animals? (Oh Why Oh Why?)
Jeff Novick's Fast Food
New CPR technique - this could save a life!
Caboodle Ranch cat sanctuary

Neat stuff
In case you missed it last month, here are some of our favourite sites for unique gifts: hand made baby blankets and accessories; fun, unique bags and totes; beautiful fair trade items to help people in the developing world.
Good Baby
Patchwork Place
Ten Thousand Villages

Dr. Pam Popper writes a blog on VegSource. Recently she had some encouraging words citing President Bill Clinton's latest diet move as an example of why we should never give up hope.
Never, ever give up or lose hope

Read stories to make you smile and weep from RR Refuge, primarily a horse refuge, but fellow creatures are also taken in. The Ontario, Canada refuge is currently looking desperately for a home for 8 beautiful Herefords cattle rescued from slaughter. They are currently in the pasture but come winter there is no space for them.
Stories from RR Refuge
Contact Rose if you can help.

A very touching article about the loss of a pet cat... "as long as I’m still breathing, I’ll cherish the memories of my sweet little girlie."
The death of a friend named Angel

Calls to action
A third of all animals and plants on earth face extinction - endangered blue whales, coral reefs, and a vast array of other species. But there is a plan to save them - a global agreement to create, fund and enforce protected areas covering 20% of our seas and lands by 2020. Right now, 193 governments are meeting in Japan to address this crisis. AVAAZ has a petition, already signed by almost 400,000 people, to urge them to act now. This summit ends on Friday, October 29 so there is no time to lose.
Biodiversity petition

With the next climate meeting - COP16 - around the corner, delegates and world leaders from around the world will once again be meeting to discuss the current climate change issues our planet faces. The previous conference in Copenhagen ended with major developing nations having made pledges but with no clear path toward a treaty all binding resolutions. MeatFreeCop16.org is asking for help in encouraging delegates to make an ethical lifestyle choice for world health, for the environment and for the animals.
Meat Free Cop 16

Every year at American Thanksgiving, the president of the United States pardons two turkeys, sparing them from a grisly slaughterhouse death. Unfortunately, these turkeys have, since 2005, been sent to live as attractions at Disney theme parks, where many of them have died within one year. Farm Sanctuary can provide the level of care necessary to keep these birds healthy, happy and comfortable for years and is requesting your help in asking President Obama to start a tradition of compassion and send them to Farm Sanctuary this year.
Send pardoned turkeys to Farm Sanctuary

Iceland's whaling is cruel, unnecessary and doesn't make sense economically. Whale watching generates more than million a year for coastal communities in Iceland - a humane, sustainable and profitable alternative to whaling. The International Fund for Animal Welfare has a petition to Iceland's Ambassador to Canada.
Stop Iceland's cruel whale slaughter

World Go Vegan Week October 24-31, World Vegan Day November 1
This is the 5th annual World GO VEGAN Week. This week is a celebration of compassion and a time to take action for animals, the environment and everyone’s well-being. The week leads up to World Vegan Day on November 1. Find out more at the links below.
World Go Vegan Week
World Vegan Day

Celebrations for the turkeys - November 21, 22
The holiday season brings family get-togethers, love, laughter - and, unfortunately, untold suffering for millions of turkeys. These gentle, curious animals are killed for meals that should be about compassion and caring, not suffering and death. Farm Sanctuary invites you to adopt a turkey, instead of eating one. If you're in Orland CA, Watkins Glen NY, or New York City you can also attend a celebration for the turkeys for American Thanksgiving. The elegant vegan brunch in NYC at the landmark Tavern on the Green in Central Park with host Russell Simmons will feature inspiring presentations by Farm Sanctuary’s President and Co-founder Gene Baur and others.
Adopt-a-Turkey Project
Farm Sanctuary Celebrations for the Turkeys

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