March 2014
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Each egg from today’s egg factory farms represents 22 hours of hell for a hen. - PETA

In this edition...

  Study: Meat and cheese may be as bad for you as smoking
  Do vegetarians live longer than health conscious omnivores?
  Ten common meals that are hurting us
  Factory meat, cruel and bad for us

Environment and World Hunger
  Video: We CAN make a difference with diet
  Warming is big risk for people
  You might change your mind about seafood for dinner after this report
  UN report calls for radical, democratic food system

Lifestyles and Trends
  Australia Capital Territory passes ban on factory farming practices
  The future of meat is meatless, just as tasty, and about to change the world
  Being vegan in the military

Animal Issues and Advocacy
  Video: The trouble with turkeys
  Quebec manifesto for animal rights
  Happy pigs?
  French animal rights activists uncover 'unhealthy' horsemeat from Americas

Books and Perspectives
  How the meat industry killed the free market
  Sales of inspiring new vegan athletes compendium will benefit Mercy for Animals
  Video: Jeff Masson talks about his new book
  Rethinking our 'rights' to dangerous behaviors

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(Excerpts are included from current news stories. Click on the "Full story" link to read the full article.)

Study: Meat and cheese may be as bad for you as smoking
Full story: Science Daily

That chicken wing you're eating could be as deadly as a cigarette. In a new study from the University of Southern California that tracked a large sample of adults for nearly two decades, researchers have found that eating a diet rich in animal proteins during middle age makes you four times more likely to die of cancer than someone with a low-protein diet - a mortality risk factor comparable to smoking.   Read more...

Science Daily - March 4

Do vegetarians live longer than health conscious omnivores?
Full story: Healthy Longevity Blog

Proponents of Paleo and Low-Carb diets suggest that plant-based diets, particularly those rich in grains and legumes, promote disease, ultimately resulting in premature death. This review will focus on studies examining the longevity of plant-based populations... In conclusion, the totality of evidence supports the hypothesis that appropriately planned whole foods, plant-based diets promote longevity.   Read more...

Healthy Longevity Blog - Archives

Ten common meals that are hurting us
Full story: Care2

Obesity, heart diseases, type 2 diabetes - recent studies have reminded us about something we have known for awhile: the Standard American [Western] Diet isn't doing anyone any good. It has the acronym SAD for a reason. Certainly what we eat is paired with a lack of physical activity, and bad health can't solely be blamed on eating poorly, but when it comes down to it, we can blame a lot of our modern day problems on our modern day diet. Here are 10 dishes and meals that symbolize everything that's wrong with the modern diet.   Read more...

Care2 - March 3

Factory meat, cruel and bad for us
Full story: CNN

Here's a thought to chew on: America's most intractable problems all double back to our collective mistreatment of animals. Sounds crazy, right? Well, humor me for a minute. Our own lives would improve if we started showing some basic decency to the 9 billion cows, calves, pigs, lambs, turkeys and chickens that are slaughtered a year in the United States. More than 99% of farm animals in the U.S. are raised in factory farms, many unable to even turn around in small cages.   Read more...

CNN - March 15

More Health News:
Young women who eat veg healthier later
Sky News, Australia (March 29)
11 foods to make you feel happier
Care2 (March 28)

  Environment and World Hunger    

Video: We CAN make a difference with diet
Video source: Dr. McDougall

Dr. McDougall expresses his hope for the future in discussion with Robert Goodland, World Bank Group's Environmental Adviser for 23 years. They speak about how to slow global warming with a worldwide change in the foods we eat - it will take an enormous effort that needs to start now.   Watch video...

Dr. McDougall - February 26

Warming is big risk for people
Full story: Yahoo! News

If you think of climate change as a hazard for some far-off polar bears years from now, you're mistaken. That's the message from top climate scientists gathering in Japan this week [March 24] to assess the impact of global warming. In fact, they will say, the dangers of a warming Earth are immediate and very human. It's not just about melting ice, threatened animals and plants. It's about the human problems of hunger, disease, drought, flooding, refugees and war, becoming worse.   Read more...

Yahoo! News - March 24

You might change your mind about seafood for dinner after this report
Full story: Care2

We've known that fisheries unintentionally kill a number of species and discard them, otherwise known as bycatch, but a new report from Oceana paints a startling picture of just how bad the problem is at U.S. fisheries that could make seafood less appetizing. In the report, Wasted Catch: Unsolved Bycatch Problems, Oceana identified nine "dirty" fisheries in the U.S. and came to the shocking conclusion that bycatch in the U.S. "could amount to 2 billion pounds every year, equivalent to the entire annual catch of many other fishing nations around the world."   Read more...

Care2 - March 27

UN report calls for radical, democratic food system
Full story: MintPress News

The current global food system needs to be "radically" and "democratically" changed in order to alleviate global hunger and serve human rights over the profits of major agribusiness corporations, according to a report released by the United Nations Special Rapporteur on the right to food. Objectives include reducing meat production in favor of crops grown for human consumption and a reduction in biofuel use - both of which have "represented a major source of price volatility on agricultural markets" over the years.   Read more...

MintPress News - March 11

More Environment and World Hunger News:

World Bank addresses the issue of food waste

7 facts you didn’t know about what you’re eating
One Green Planet (March 14)
Facts & figures on global animal production
Food+Tech Connect (January 17)
How the global industrial food complex leaves people hungry and undernourished
One Green Planet (February 26)
More crop per drop
Eaters can profoundly reduce water waste and consumption. - WIP (March 20)

  Lifestyles and Trends    

Australia Capital Territory passes ban on factory farming practices
Full story: Sydney Morning Herald, Australia

The ACT Labor government has banned sow stalls and battery cages, in what it says is the most far-reaching legislation in the country. The government supported Greens minister Shane Rattenbury's legislation, which was part of his deal to become a minister in the Gallagher government. Mr Rattenbury said "To ban these elements of factory farming gives me great joy but I understand there is more to be done."   Read more...

Sydney Morning Herald, Australia - February 26

The future of meat is meatless, just as tasty, and about to change the world
Full story: Forbes

"One day, in the most scientific of tests, we blindfolded an electrician in our first facility. We prepared and gave him a piece of our chicken, and a piece of [actual chicken]. He identified ours as the real chicken. We were ready to bring a first iteration forward," said Ethan Brown, founder of Beyond Meat. In an interview with Brown, we discussed the founding of his company, which set out several years ago to answer this critical question: how will the world change for the better if we can perfectly replicate animal protein with plant protein? If achieved, Beyond Meat - at scale - would drastically turn the tide on climate change, natural resource depletion, and disease epidemics. This is his story.   Read more...

Forbes - March 6

Being vegan in the military
Full story: Live Vegan

The reason I decided to remain vegan in the military is because it keeps me disciplined, maintains my humanity, and strengthens my body for difficult tasks. I'm not big on forcing these vegan ideals onto other people, but if anyone is ever curious, I try not to go into a defensive mode. I try to explain to them what, how and why I live a vegan lifestyle. I think that's the best way to go about things. Occasionally, I slip up and fall for an argument. [Editor's note: Kudos to this young man who shows true commitment and leadership.]   Read more...

Live Vegan - February 25

More Lifestyles and Trends News:
Another major investor for egg replacing startup
Asia's richest man and Yahoo cofounder - Forbes (February 17)
Seven animal friendly alternatives to wool
Care2 (March 21)

  Animal Issues and Advocacy    

Video: The trouble with turkeys
Video source: CBC, Canada

Video investigates turkey and reveals the darker side of white meat. Undercover footage shows what one activist calls "the worst abuse I've ever seen inflicted on an animal," raising troubling questions about animal welfare on Canadian farms.   Watch video...

CBC, Canada - March 14

Quebec manifesto for animal rights
Full story: Mercy for Animals Canada Blog

A new popular initiative in Quebec Canada calls for all animals to be granted a legal status distinct from that of property, which would recognize animals as sentient beings and entitle them to basic rights.   Read more...

Mercy for Animals Canada Blog - January 29

Happy pigs?
Full story: The Dodo

... In the current discourse, happy pigs are the ideal alternative to the miserable and abused pigs raised in factory farms. Happy pigs become happy meat, and happy meat is good. We should feel good about eating happy meat. Happy pigs, really? I am haunted by the ghosts of nearly 2,000 'happy pigs.' [See also and this article.]   Read more...

The Dodo -

French animal rights activists uncover 'unhealthy' horsemeat from Americas
Full story: Raw Story

Horses from the United States, Canada and other countries in the region whose meat is sold in France for human consumption pose a health risk and are often cruelly treated, a leading animal rights group said. L214, which derives its name from an article in a 1976 French law that stipulates that animals have to be kept properly and in healthy conditions, said the conclusions followed a wide-reaching, two-year investigation launched in 2012. The group called Thursday upon leading supermarket chains to shun horsemeat coming from the Americas to put an end to the "cruel and illegal treatment" of the animals.   Read more...

Raw Story - March 13

More Animal Issues and Advocacy News:

New Farm Sanctuary PSA illustrates just how smart pigs are

Dying zookeeper gets one last kiss from giraffes he cared for
RYOT (March 21)
Ten things everyone should know about factory farmed animals
Care2 (March 27)
Official 'Glass Walls' video by Paul McCartney
PETA (archives)
Six ways farm animals lack legal protection
One Green Planet (February 27)

  Books and Perspectives    

How the meat industry killed the free market
Full story: Salon

The dark secrets behind America's meat industry are enough to make us sick - and according to journalist Christopher Leonard, that's only the start of it. Our health, the well-being of animals and large swaths of rural America are all under threat by America's monopolized meat industry, Leonard says, and the full extent to which it's taken over should be making us a lot angrier than it is. The Meat Racket, Leonard's new exposé, lays it all out on the chopping board ... and how the only real choice left for the consumer is to either partake or opt out of meat altogether.   Read more...

Salon - March 15

Sales of inspiring new vegan athletes compendium will benefit Mercy for Animals
Full story: Mercy for Animals Blog

From ultra-runners to powerlifters, plant-based eating is now found in every corner of the athletic world. The latest book by plant-based health and fitness professional Scott Shetler, Plant-Based Performance: A Compassionate Approach to Health & Fitness, features articles from some of the top vegan athletes, trainers, and health and fitness professionals in the industry. This book shows that not only can you experience excellent health with a plant-based lifestyle, you can enjoy exceptional levels of fitness and athletic performance as well. Mercy For Animals will receive 100 per cent of the proceeds from book sales.   Read more...

Mercy for Animals Blog - March 3

Video: Jeff Masson talks about his new book
Video source: VegSource/NPR

Bestselling author Jeff Masson talks to NPR about his wonderful new book: Beasts: What Animals Teach Us About the Nature of Good & Evil.   Watch video...

VegSource/NPR - March 20

Rethinking our 'rights' to dangerous behaviors
Full story: New York Times

In the last few years, it's become increasingly clear that food companies engineer hyperprocessed foods in ways precisely geared to most appeal to our tastes. This technologically advanced engineering is done, of course, with the goal of maximizing profits, regardless of the effects of the resulting foods on consumer health, natural resources, the environment or anything else. But the issues go way beyond food, as the City University of New York professor Nicholas Freudenberg discusses in his new book, Lethal but Legal: Corporations, Consumption, and Protecting Public Health. Freudenberg's case is that the food industry is but one example of the threat to public health posed by what he calls "the corporate consumption complex," an alliance of corporations, banks, marketers and others that essentially promote and benefit from unhealthy lifestyles.   Read more...

New York Times - February 25

More Books:

Bleating Hearts: The Hidden World of Animal Suffering - by Mark Hawthorne
Never Too Late to Go Vegan - by Carol J. Adams, Patti Breitman and Virginia Messina - review from JVNA

Also of interest:


June 27-30 - Taking Action for Animals - Humane Society of the United States, Washington, DC

July 2-6 - Vegetarian Summerfest - North American Vegetarian Society, Johnstown, PA

July 10-13 - Animal Rights National Conference - Farm Animal Rights Movement, Los Angeles, CA

Restaurant Recos

In Nice, France, near the old port, you will find great veggie food at the delightful Nice Life International Café & Meeting place, 15 Blvd Lech Walesa, that feels like a home away from home. Relax with a soy latte and dessert, a detox juice and soup, or indulge in the awesome multi-course weekend brunch. Tell Sophie Lana sent you!
Nice Life Café & Meeting place

In central Nice Le Speakeasy at 7 Rue Lamartine is a vegan restaurant with delicious meals. And wherever you are in the world, you can find veggie restaurants and great info on Happy Cow's newly updated website - their goal is to raise consciousness about food choices, and the impact those choices have on the planet and the lives of animals.
Happy Cow

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