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Eating a single egg means that one hen was locked in a cage in darkness, barely able to move, for 24 hours. - William MacAskill, ethicist, Oxford

In this edition...

  Red meat linked with Type 2 diabetes in Harvard study
  Science debunks Paleo Diet again
  Video: Facing a post-antibiotic age
  Australian government agrees vegan diet is viable option for all
  Video: Eggs and cholesterol - patently false and misleading claims

Environment and World Hunger
  Video: Unprecedented climate extremes
  Medicinal plants under threat in Paraguay due to deforestation
  £250,000 burger may not be to everyone's taste

Lifestyles and Trends
  New York City doctors are now prescribing fruits and veggies
  Australian Research: Vegetarian athletes can stay competitive with balanced plant-base diets
  China's growing vegetarian community now larger than in U.S.
  Veg celebs: Terminally ill 'Simpsons' co-creator spends his fortune on animal rights and feeding the hungry
  Video: Q&A with cardiothoracic surgeon Dr. Ellsworth Wareham - 98-year-old vegan
  9 powerful men who don't eat meat
  Video: The wisdom of a child

Animal Issues and Advocacy
  European Union bans all shark finning
  Video: Ag-gag laws silence whistleblowers
  Can we see our hypocrisy to animals?
  Ryan Gosling: A tiny cage is not a life
  Obama announces new U.S. focus on wildlife trafficking

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(Excerpts are included from current news stories. Click on the "Full story" link to read the full article.)

Red meat linked with Type 2 diabetes in Harvard study
Full story: Indychannel

Red and processed meats that have been linked with heart disease and cancer now may be a major factor with another disease - Type 2 diabetes. A recent study by the Harvard School of Public Health says a new look at the 123,000 people involved in a 20-year study ending in 2006 found elevated red-meat consumption to be linked with an increase in diabetes.   Read more...

Indychannel - July 1

Science debunks Paleo Diet again
Full story: Takepart

If you find the dogma and strictness of the Paleo Diet grating, let us propose an anthropologically inspired alternative: The Neolithic Diet. A new study of ancient farming sites suggests that our ancient European ancestors relied on the harvests from fields of grain and legumes, and didn't eat all that much meat.   Read more...

Takepart - July 16

Video: Facing a post-antibiotic age
Video source: NutritionFacts.org

The Director-General of the World Health Organization warns that we may be facing an end to modern medicine as we know it thanks in part to the mass feeding of antibiotics to farm animals to accelerate growth. This issue, perhaps more than any other, lays to bare the power of moneyed interests to undermine public health. Look at the list of endorsers of legislation to reform this practice, yet the sway of nearly every single medical organization in the United States is no match for the combined might of Big Ag and Big Pharma.   Watch video...

NutritionFacts.org - July 8

Australian government agrees vegan diet is viable option for all
Full story: MND Australia

Australia's peak health body has finally recognised that a vegan diet is a viable option for all Australians. Australia's top health experts are now in agreement with those in the USA and Canada that well-planned vegan diets are safe and healthy for all age groups. In the newly-released Australian Dietary Guidelines, plant-derived foods are given as alternatives to animal-derived foods, with meal planning advice accommodating vegan eating. "This has been a long process and I am very happy that the National Health and Medical Research Council has looked at all the evidence and at last presented Australians with the real option of choosing a vegan diet," said Greg McFarlane, Chair of Vegan Australia.   Read more...

MND Australia - July 12

Video: Eggs and cholesterol - patently false and misleading claims
Video source: NutritionFacts.org

Egg industry claims about egg safety found to be patently false, misleading, and deceptive by the U.S. Court of Appeals.   Watch video...

NutritionFacts.org - July 3

More Health News:
Researchers confirm link between fish oil and prostate cancer
Mynorthwest.com (July 10)
The myth of complementary protein
Jeff Novick/Forks over Knives (June 3)
New study: Red meat linked to colon and rectal cancer
Mercy for Animals Blog (July 16)
Video: Male fertility and diet
NutritionFacts.org (June 30)

  Environment and World Hunger    

Video: Unprecedented climate extremes
Video source: UN News Centre

The world has experienced unprecedented high-impact climate extremes during the 2001-2010 decade, which was the warmest since the start of modern measurements in 1850 and continued an extended period of accelerating global warming, a new report by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) says. [2:04]   Watch video...

UN News Centre - July 3

Medicinal plants under threat in Paraguay due to deforestation
Full story: Worldcrunch

"The use of medicinal plants is very strongly anchored in Paraguayan culture," explains Albino Portillo, representative of the Swiss Red Cross in Asunción. "Unfortunately, the traditions and the know-how are being lost little by little with the country's deforestation," says Portillo. Over the past ten years, Paraguay has become the fourth largest exporter of soya worldwide, and a major producer of livestock, an exceptional display of growth but at the cost of the devastation of a large part of the plants' habitat.   Read more...

Worldcrunch - July 15

£250,000 burger may not be to everyone's taste
Full story: Telegraph, UK

It's the burger that will weigh in at 5oz, has cost £250,000 to produce and could create a slice of history. The world's first stem cell burger, which has been grown in a laboratory, will be cooked and eaten in London next Monday [August 5] in an experiment which could lead to artificial meat in supermarkets within 10 years. Scientists are hoping the development will meet the growing worldwide demand for beef, lamb, pork and chicken. It is the brainchild of Mark Post, a medical physiologist at Maastricht University in the Netherlands. "Right now, we are using 70 per cent of all our agricultural capacity to grow meat through livestock. You are going to need alternatives," said Professor Post.   Read more...

Telegraph, UK - July 28

More Environment and World Hunger News:
Could you eat test-tube meat?
Telegraph, UK (July 30)
Climate change has created a lobster eat lobster world
Care2 (July 30)

  Lifestyles and Trends    

New York City doctors are now prescribing fruits and veggies
Full story: NPR

Doctors typically give patients prescriptions for medications. But a new program in New York City has doctors prescribing fruits and vegetables to obese or overweight patients. The Fruit and Vegetable Prescription Program aims to give at-risk families greater access to healthy foods. Under the program, obese or overweight patients can be prescribed Health Bucks redeemable for produce at local farmers markets.   Read more...

NPR - July 24

Australian Research: Vegetarian athletes can stay competitive with balanced plant-base diets
Full story: News-Medical

A balanced plant-based diet provides the same quality of fuel for athletes as a meat-based diet, provided vegetarians seek out other sources of certain nutrients that are more commonly found in animal products, according to a presentation at the 2013 Institute of Food Technologists Annual Meeting & Expo. The research was compiled by Dilip Ghosh, Ph.D., director of Nutriconnect in Sydney, Australia. Ghosh's research noted that vegetarian athletes have been present throughout history. Perhaps most notably, analysis of the bones of Roman Gladiators indicate they may have been vegetarians. There are several notable vegetarian athletes today, such as marathon runners Bart Yasso and Scott Jurek, and pro Ironman triathlete Brendan Brazier [author of Thrive Fitness: The Vegan-Based Training Program for Maximum Strength, Health, and Fitness and Thrive: The Vegan Nutrition Guide to Optimal Performance in Sports and Life].   Read more...

News-Medical - July 18

China's growing vegetarian community now larger than in U.S.
Full story: Public Radio International

China's long been a country where eating meat was a sign of success - of prosperity. So it's no wonder vegetarianism was practically unheard of. But now, as more people are considering the environmental impact of their foods and China becomes more welcoming toward vegetarians generally, the number is on the rise. "Times have really changed," Long Kuan said. "Maybe 10 years ago, when I was a vegetarian, a lot of people said, 'why, are you Buddhist?,' or something. But now, it's completely different." This is also a generation, in China's major cities, living with choking pollution and, in multiple ways, recognizing the cost to their health if they don't help protect the environment. So these days, Long Kuan says, getting even her meat-eating friends to go to a vegan restaurant with her is an easy sell.   Read more...

Public Radio International - June 25

Veg celebs: Terminally ill 'Simpsons' co-creator spends his fortune on animal rights and feeding the hungry
Full story: Hollywood Reporter

Sam Simon faces down his terminal cancer diagnosis by spending his vast fortune on animal rights and feeding the hungry: "I get pleasure from it. I love it."   Read more...

Hollywood Reporter - July 25

Video: Q&A with cardiothoracic surgeon Dr. Ellsworth Wareham - 98-year-old vegan
Video source: Veggie Channel

Vegan since his 50s, Dr. Ellsworth Wareham is a famous cardiothoracic surgeon who retired at the age of 95. He believes his healthful lifestyle contributes to his longevity.   Watch video...

Veggie Channel - March 26

9 powerful men who don't eat meat
Full story: Business Insider, Australia

Real men eat meat. At least that's the stereotype that has been passed down since our days as hunter-gatherers - when men (the hunters) would go off to kill wild animals, while women (the gatherers) would hang around collecting fruits, nuts, and berries. But times are changing. A growing number of male business executives and political leaders, including former President Bill Clinton and Newark Mayor Cory Booker, are breaking gender expectations and embracing the vegetarian or vegan lifestyle.   Read more...

Business Insider, Australia - July 28

Video: The wisdom of a child
Video source: YouTube

Luiz Antonio, a precocious toddler with wisdom beyond his years, made a moral case for not eating the octopus his mother put before him for lunch. His reaction has touched the hearts of millions of people around the world. In the video, recorded in Portuguese with English subtitles, little Luiz eloquently explains: "Octopus are animals... all of them are animals. Fish are animals. Octopus are animals. Chickens are animals. Cows are animals. Pigs are animals... When we eat animals they die! Why? Why do they die?... I don't like when they die, I like when they stay standing up." [Thanks to Meatout Mondays for sending this.]   Watch video...

YouTube - June 10

More Lifestyles and Trends News:
U.S. Congress gets healthy with 9-year-old vegan chef Noah Koch
PCRM Blog (July 15)
The rise of veganism in the U.S. Latino community
VegNews (July 23)
'Tegan the Vegan' a claymation hit
Canberra Times, Australia (July 14)

  Animal Issues and Advocacy    

European Union bans all shark finning
Full story: Oceana

The European Union (EU) has [recently] officially adopted a strict ban on shark finning. July 6 ended nearly a decade of battle to close several enforcement loopholes that had permitted some forms of shark finning. Finning has technically been prohibited in the EU since 2003, but an exemption allowed Member States to issue special permits for fishing vessels to remove shark fins on board. In particular, an exemption used by Spain and Portugal allowed some vessels to remove sharks' fins at sea, which made it nearly impossible to detect and monitor the finning that was occurring. At long last, the EU has a real and enforceable ban on shark finning, with global implications," commented Xavier Pastor, executive director of Oceana in Europe.   Read more...

Oceana - July 8

Video: Ag-gag laws silence whistleblowers
Video source: Bill Moyers: What Matters Today

Muckrakers and activists have been working to expose the brutality of industrialized meat production since Upton Sinclair's writing of The Jungle in 1906. But a [U.S.] bill known as "The Animal and Ecological Terrorism Act" would make it a crime to film at animal facilities - such as factory farms or slaughterhouses - with the intent to "defame the facility or its owner." So-called "ag-gag" laws have been passed in several states. This report looks at the effect of these laws on both our food supply and our freedom of speech. [5:52]   Watch video...

Bill Moyers: What Matters Today - July 10

Can we see our hypocrisy to animals?
Full story: New York Times

... We as a global society have crossed the Rubicon. We disagree about where to draw the line to protect animal rights, but almost everyone now agrees that there is a line to be drawn. May our descendants, when, in the future, they reflect uncomprehendingly on our abuse of hens and orcas, appreciate that we are good and decent people moving in the right direction, and show some compassion for our obliviousness.   Read more...

New York Times - July 27

Ryan Gosling: A tiny cage is not a life
Full story: Globe and Mail, Canada

Currently, mother pigs are kept in these cages called "gestation crates" for four months while pregnant, moved to another cage to give birth, reimpregnated and put back into a gestation crate for the cycle to repeat. Pigs in tiny crates suffer beyond anything most of us can easily imagine. They are unable even to turn around for weeks at a time, so that their muscles and bones deteriorate. And these extremely social and intelligent animals lose their minds from being denied any social or psychological stimulation at all.   Read more...

Globe and Mail, Canada - July 11

Obama announces new U.S. focus on wildlife trafficking
Full story: IPS

President Barack Obama on July 1 announced a series of new initiatives to combat spiking levels of international poaching and draft a new national plan on wildlife trafficking, an industry that has grown so significantly in recent years that the president now calls it an "international crisis." According to an executive order issued by the president, the United States will now make available millions of dollars for strengthened coordination and training of personnel in developing countries.   Read more...

IPS - July 2

More Animal Issues and Advocacy News and Videos:

Where do cheese, milk, and even ice cream come from? Go behind the scenes in the dairy industry for just one minute. - PETA (July 25)

On a happier note - previously captive, tortured bears find refuge - PETA (July 19)

Also of interest:
3 animal protection laws the U.S. congress is trying to upend
Care2 (July 19)
Expectation vs. reality: Factory farms
Photos from PETA
People in Asia fight back against dog meat and other animal torture
Care2 (July 30)
Veganism, courage and the animals
Vegan Outreach Blog (July 2)
A closer look at ‘nonhuman personhood’ and animal welfare
New York Times (July 28)
Vegetarians live longer, but it’s not because they don’t eat meat
Ethicist William MacAskill argues that the case for vegetarianism should focus on humane treatment, not health. - Source of the quote at the top of this issue. - Quartz (June 5)

Also of interest:


Farm Sanctuary's Country Hoe Down, Watkin's Glen, New York, August 3 & 4
An exciting weekend filled with expert presentations, great vegan food, quality time with our farm animal residents, activist workshops, cooking demonstration, barn dancing, camping, more! Also mark your calendars for The Celebration for the Turkeys this fall: November 2, Orland, California, November 9, Acton, California (Los Angeles area), November 16, Watkins Glen, New York. Click below for more info. Also check out the Walk/Sleep-in for Farm Animals (through November).
Farm Sanctuary
Farm Sanctuary Sleepin for Farm Animals

World Week for the Abolition of Meat - September 21-29
The World Weeks for the Abolition of Meat (WWAMs) are intended as a means of promoting a political debate around the idea of abolishing the production and consumption of the flesh of sentient beings. Check out more info, list or find an event at the link below.
World Weeks for the Abolition of Meat (WWAMs)

VegSource Healthy Lifestyle Expo 2013 - October 18-20, CA
Featuring icons in the plant-powered lifestyle world T. Colin Campbell, Phd, and Caldwell Esselstyn, MD, in addition to an impressive array of other presenters. This year the expo is giving away two unique written programs to take away.
Healthy Lifestyle Expo

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Hat's off to Emily Moran Barwick who has created a vegan education video series featuring short, digestible, and approachable information on the vegan lifestyle. Emily wants to reach non-vegans and vegans alike with her humorous delivery, but hard-hitting facts. Watch her welcome video below from her Bite Size Vegan website or click on the YouTube link for all the Bite Size Vegan nuggets. Easy to watch, easy to share. Enjoy.

Bite Size Vegan videos on YouTube

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