July/August 2017
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But for the sake of some little mouthful of flesh, we deprive a soul of the sun and light and of that proportion of life and time it had been born into the world to enjoy. - Plutarch (46-120AD)

In this edition...

Featured Videos
  Want to save animal lives without going veg? Eat beef
  All this rescued cow wants is her baby

Top Stories
  Vegetarian beef farmer gives herd to animal sanctuary, not slaughter
  Forget stereotypes - meet these vegan bodybuilders
  Obama says drop meat to fight climate change

  Doctors want sugar and 'cancer-causing' foods out of hospitals
  How industrial farming techniques can breed superbugs
  Dutch arrest two suspects as Europe egg scandal spreads

  Interview: Vegan Saudi prince Khaled on ending factory farming to fight climate change
  10 ways you're hurting the environment and don't know it
  Greener booze

Lifestyles and Trends
  Five unlikely countries where veganism is about to blow up
  We shouldn't shy away from facts about our food
  Podcast: Fake meat class didn't disappoint

Signs of the Times
  Tesla goes cruelty-free with vegan leather car seats
  Vogue names 'vegan' top wedding trend in 2017
  German international school in India goes vegan

Animal Issues and Advocacy
  All slaughterhouses in England to have compulsory CCTV
  Veganism's next goal: Animal-free farming
  Tons of people tweet they are ditching meat after watching new Netflix film

Books and Perspectives
  A life devoted to treating animals with dignity and respect
  Discover how to live joyfully with food
  Mercy for animals founder shares his passion

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(Excerpts are included from current news stories. Click on the "Full story" link to read the full article.)
  Featured Videos    

Want to save animal lives without going veg? Eat beef
Video source: Vox

"Go vegan!" and "It's not food, it's violence!" are two rallying cries that animal welfare activists have been chanting for years. But for activist and vegan Matt Ball, the purist ideologies espoused in those mantras might actually work against the goal of reducing and ultimately ending animal slaughter. That's why he co-founded a new organization called One Step for Animals. Their goal is not to get individuals to take on any given lifestyle or diet, but rather to convince as many people as possible to simply stop eating chicken. "It takes over 200 chickens to provide the same number of meals as one steer, and more than 40 chickens to provide the same number of meals as one pig. So if you stopped eating pork or you stopped eating beef and you replaced it with chickens, then you're causing a lot more animals to suffer."   Read more/Watch video...

Vox - May 27

All this rescued cow wants is her baby
Video source: Animal Rescue Site/The Dodo

A cow named Maybelle had spent her whole life on a farm as a dairy cow. When it was finally time for her to retire, her owners knew it would be best for her to go to a sanctuary to live out the rest of her days, rather than be sent to slaughter [as usually happens]. When Maybelle first arrived at The Gentle Barn sanctuary, she kept crying, mooing, and pacing around. It was like she had to tell them something, but they weren't exactly sure what.   Read more/Watch video...

Animal Rescue Site/The Dodo - August 8

  Top Stories    

Vegetarian beef farmer gives herd to animal sanctuary, not slaughter
Full story: Care2

When his father passed away in 2011, Jay Wilde inherited the family dairy farm in Derbyshire, England. But Wilde was deeply troubled. "I began to see that cows recognize each other, and they've got very good memories," Wilde said. "They experience a range of emotions - I've even seen cows cry. To take the cow's milk, you have to separate her from her baby. The cows get very upset. It takes them a long time to get over." Wilde wasn't sure how to make a change, so he got out of dairy farming and turned to raising his cows for beef. As a vegetarian, sending his cows off to slaughter didn't please him either. "It was very difficult to do your best to look after them and then send them to the slaughterhouse for what must be a terrifying death," Wilde explained... With the Vegan Society's help, Wilde made a kind, courageous choice. He sent them all to a sanctuary.   Read more...

Care2 - June 19

Forget stereotypes - meet these vegan bodybuilders
Full story: Collective Evolution

Is it possible to get strong and have a muscular body on a vegan diet? Yes. And the following bodybuilders' stories prove it...   Read more...

Collective Evolution - June 1

Obama says drop meat to fight climate change
Full story: VegNews

The former president spoke honestly about the connection between meat consumption and environmental degradation at a recent food innovation conference. Obama stated that the increase in meat consumption in areas such as China, India, and Vietnam will continue to push global meat consumption up and urged citizens to find innovative alternatives to meat. [It would be nice if he would lead the way.]   Read more...

VegNews - May 11

Doctors want sugar and 'cancer-causing' foods out of hospitals
Full story: Live Science

At its annual meeting on June 14, the American Medical Association (AMA) House of Delegates, which represents more than 200,000 physician members, issued a policy statement that called for the reduction of sugar-sweetened beverages and processed meats, and an increase in the availability of healthful, plant-based foods in hospitals. Under the resolution, physicians and hospital staff are encouraged not only to counsel their patients about the health consequences of a poor diet but also to lead by example by offering healthier foods at the hospital.   Read more...

Live Science - June 19

How industrial farming techniques can breed superbugs
Full story: PBS

As high-density, industrial-scale livestock farms have become fertile breeding grounds for disease, they've also become a major source of drug-resistant superbugs. Science correspondent Miles O'Brien and economics correspondent Paul Solman team up to report on how scientists are studying how superbugs can get into the food supply. [Video report - also at the link: How a flood of antibiotics landed in your chicken.]   Read more...

PBS - August 9

Dutch arrest two suspects as Europe egg scandal spreads
Full story: News 18

Dutch investigators arrested two suspects in an intensified European investigation into insecticide-tainted eggs, as the scandal spread eastwards with the discovery of a tonne of contaminated yolk in Romania. The spiralling scandal that has seen eggs taken off the shelves across Europe also reached Luxembourg, while Britain said it had imported 700,000 eggs from Dutch farms linked to fears over fipronil contamination, far more than first thought. [All that suffering for nothing. Breaks my heart.]   Read more...

News 18 - August 11

More Health News:
The 5 healthiest beverages
Food Revolution Network Blog (August 11)
Video - Dr. McDougall on vitamin supplements
Dr. McDougall - from the archives


Interview: Vegan Saudi prince Khaled on ending factory farming to fight climate change
Full story: Eat for the Planet

In this episode, I dive into the future of meat production and the battle against climate change with Khaled bin Alwaleed bin Talal. Khaled is the founder and CEO of KBW Ventures, but he is not your typical venture capitalist/investor. Not only is he a member of the Saudi royal family, but he is also vegan, a firm proponent of clean energy and healthy living, and he also happens to be an outspoken animal advocate.   Read more/Listen...

Eat for the Planet - June 20

10 ways you're hurting the environment and don't know it
Full story: Care2

You know the environment needs help, and you're just the person to do something about it. But sometimes your well-intended actions are actually harmful. Here are 10 ways you may be hurting the environment without realizing it...   Read more...

Care2 - July 30

Greener booze
Full story: Earthtalk

Perhaps no other industry has responded to the greening of consumer preferences quite like beverage producers. From wine to beer to spirits, greener choices made from local and organic ingredients and packaged in lighter-weight containers abound. Indeed, getting a buzz on has never felt so good.   Read more...

Earthtalk - June 17

More Environmental News:
The hidden environmental costs of dog and cat food

Washington Post (August 7)
Keep the Hives Alive Documentary - by a movement to raise awareness about the plight of pollinators and how toxic pesticides contribute to their decline

  Lifestyles and Trends    

Five unlikely countries where veganism is about to blow up
Full story: VegNews

Meat-loving Brazil and dairy-guzzling New Zealand are just a couple places where veganism is set to explode in coming years. Last year, the country swore in its first vegan Governor General Patsy Reddy, who celebrated her accession to high office with an all-vegan banquet.   Read more...

VegNews - June 14

We shouldn't shy away from facts about our food
Full story: Huffington Post, Australia

Over the [past] 20 years, I've progressively veered further away from meat and dairy, and these days go the full plant-based caper. Two things have happened as a result of going vegan: 1) I've never felt so healthy and well and 2) I've never experienced so much s*** talk about a simple lifestyle choice.   Read more...

Huffington Post, Australia - August 21

Podcast: Fake meat class didn't disappoint
Full story: Mother Jones/Bite

Burgers that bleed. Eggless mayo. Chicken strips without the bird. In the last few years, a handful of California companies have transformed fake meat as we know it-and earned a ton of press. But can these Silicon Valley startups take on the multibillion-dollar meat industry? On a recent episode of Mother Jones' food politics podcast, Bite, we looked at fake-meat makers that are trying to scale up - and I attended a college class about making meat alternatives [and also discussed doctors' changing views on a vegan diet].   Read more/Listen...

Mother Jones/Bite - June 24

More Lifestyles and Trends News:
Podcast: The science behind Beyond Meat
Forbes (August 22)

  Signs of the Times    

Tesla goes cruelty-free with vegan leather car seats
Full story: Care2

Tesla did something kind of amazing in July. Completely under the radar and with no fanfare, the company dropped all mention of leather seats from its website. The only seat options now available on a Tesla automobile are made of vegan leather.   Read more...

Care2 - August 1

Vogue names 'vegan' top wedding trend in 2017
Full story: VegNews

The fashion publication says that weddings this year feature vegan food more often than just one vegetarian option.   Read more...

VegNews - August 18

German international school in India goes vegan
Full story: Times of India

Germans love their bratwurst and schnitzel. But, in Chennai, the German International School has traded in the sausages for the lentils and the salami for the broccoli. The school has declared itself completely vegan from this school year. The school was inspired to cut out all animal products after it began throwing open its gates to injured and abandoned animals. As Thomas A Pallushek, advisor for international schools, Asia Pacific, puts it, it became tough to eat mutton with a pet goat on the lawns nearby. "We felt it was ethically not right. We wanted to reduce the human impact on the environment and eating less meat is the simplest way," he says, adding that turning vegan is also healthier.   Read more...

Times of India - August 14

More Signs of the Times News:
More than one quarter of Brits slash meat intake
VegNews (August 18)
UK labour party leader pledges to fund plant-based businesses
VegNews (May 18)

  Animal Issues and Advocacy    

All slaughterhouses in England to have compulsory CCTV
Full story: Guardian, UK

All slaughterhouses in England will be fitted with compulsory CCTV as part of a series of measures to bolster welfare standards and enforce laws against animal cruelty. The proposals - set out in a consultation paper - will deliver the Tories' manifesto pledge for CCTV to be required in every slaughterhouse in England in all areas where live animals are present (where unloaded, stunned and killed) with unrestricted access to footage for official vets.   Read more...

Guardian, UK - August 11

Veganism's next goal: Animal-free farming
Full story: San Francisco Chronicle

To many vegans, the sustainable food movement and its family-owned meat and dairy farms shield the cruelty of farming by making meat fashionable and righteous. We're not trying to change people's moral values. Because most people care about animals," said Steven Erlsten, 37, of Berkeley, who works for the international nonprofit Vegan Outreach. "We are trying to help them live within their values."   Read more...

San Francisco Chronicle - July 21

Tons of people tweet they are ditching meat after watching new Netflix film
Full story: ChooseVeg

The new Netflix original movie Okja, starring Ahn Seo-hyun, Tilda Swinton, Paul Dano, and Jake Gyllenhaal, follows a young girl named Mija and her fight to save her best friend, a "superpig" named Okja, from the powerful Mirando Corporation, which wants to turn her into food. It's giving viewers some serious food for thought. Here are just a few reaction tweets that prove Okja is changing the world for animals...   Read more...

ChooseVeg - July 7

More Animal Issues and Advocacy News:
Inspiration: ‘We rescued each other’
Parade (June 23)
12 worst CEOs for animals in laboratories
PETA (July)
U.S.: Utah’s ag-gag law struck down
Mercy for Animals (July 7)
Mercy for Animals: Activists making a difference — or radicals distorting the truth?
National Post, Canada (June 20)
Is any meat today kosher?
By Ireland's chief rabbi - Times of Israel (March 16)

  Books and Perspectives    

A life devoted to treating animals with dignity and respect
More info: Sydney University Press

In A Life for Animals Christine Townend, founder of Animal Liberation Australia, records the successes and challenges of animal welfare work, the critical moments that have shaped her philosophy, and the profound personal and political consequences of sharing a life with animals. She recounts how in 1990, weary of Australian politics, she accepted an invitation to visit a small, run-down animal shelter in Rajasthan. There she encountered shocking human and animal suffering - but also the extraordinary power of human and animal interaction.   Read more...

Sydney University Press - -none-

Discover how to live joyfully with food
More info: Amazon

The Mindful Vegan: A 30-Day Plan for Finding Health, Balance, Peace, and Happiness by Lani Muelrath shows us how to shed old thinking patterns - and live more joyfully with food through being mindful. Mindfulness can be the deciding factor between the successful adoption of a healthy vegan diet and repeated frustrating attempts. Lani's new guide is packed by extensive research, with step-by-step instructions, personal stories, positivity, humor, and a handful of delicious recipes. It's sure to be as inspiring and life-changing as her previous book The Plant Based Journey.   Read more...

Amazon - -none-

Mercy for animals founder shares his passion
More info: Amazon

"A rat named Caesar and one abused piglet took me off the path of becoming a fifth-generation farmer in my Ohio hometown. Instead, at 15 years old, I founded Mercy For Animals," says Nathan Runkle. His new book with co-author Gene Stone Mercy for Animals - One Man's Quest to Inspire Compassion and Improve the Lives of Farm Animals is part autobiography, part hard-hitting exposé, and part action guide. From simple diet modifications to a clear explanation of how to contact corporations and legislators efficiently, Mercy For Animals proves that you don't have to be a hardcore vegan or an animal-rights activist to make a powerful difference in the lives of animals.   Read more...

Amazon - -none-

Also of interest:

More Book News

Interview with Lani Muelrath
Lani shares her top five tips for success on transition to plant-based, vegan living - Live Kindly (July 16)
Are We Smart Enough to Know How Smart Animals Are?
The Cheese Trap: How Breaking a Surprising Addiction Will Help You Lose Weight, Gain Energy, and Get Healthy - By Dr. Neal Barnard

Farm Sanctuary Plant Powered Run in Boston - September 16 - participate or support the runners/walkers
Complete list of global VegFests - thanks to Meatout Mondays for this!

DawnWatch.com - awesome animal advocate and author Karen Dawn's new site
Little Harvest - vegan meal delivery for babies and toddlers in Illinois, U.S. (with plans to expand)
Infographics - the Jewish basis of an animal-free diet - from Jewish Veg (more graphics to come)
RescueDiaries on YouTube
Petition - to stop horse blood farms
Petition: Ban fur farming in Ontario, Canada
Petition: Stop unhealthy and inhumane high-speed pig slaughter

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